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Ahura Behin Azma held in 2012 in Tehran, IRAN with most successful investment from non-governmental part as an analytical laboratory for minerals, metallurgy samples, polymers ،soil, water and vegetables Our services provide the specialized analytical methods needed by exploration and mining companies to find and validate the new ore deposits of the future. Ahura Behin Azma is an employee-owned business operating in 2 offices in IRAN (Kerman, Bandar e Abbas). Our employee ownership reflects a very high level of personal commitment from our staff to our customers and our product. It is this care and commitment that makes Ahura Behin Azma unique. Services: X-ray spectrophotometer (XRF) Atomic Absorption Titration Heavy Minerals test Mineralography Services used for various types of samples as fallow: Soil and sediment have long been the interest of geochemists and geologists as a means of tracing mineralization to their sources. This could be sediment overlying bedrock which must be analyzed and interpreted as to the underlying deposit or the means of tracing glacially dispersed elements or drainage systems back to their sources of mineralization. This interest has created an industry demand for new technology in laboratories, ever lower detection levels and a very stringent quality system to provide confidence in the results produced. The most important factors for assessing methods for geochemical samples are precision and sensitivity. This is the ability of the method to detect subtle anomalies above baseline or background levels. At Ahura Behin Azma, we are at the forefront of this technology and innovation and we take pride in being the first choice for this type of survey by industry, academicals and governments from all over the world. Rock and core samples are the final truth in any exploration program. Care and attention begin prior to any sample collection. Rock and core samples are dried then prepared by particle size reduction to produce a homogeneous sub-sample which is representative of the original sample. For most analytical methods, this sub-sample will undergo some form of dissolution and decomposition. Each sample decomposition procedure has its own advantages and limitations. The final technique used for the determination of elements is dependent on the required detection levels of the elements of interest. Ahura Behin Azma with XRF, A.A, and TITRATION unit welcomes and encourages discussion with the geoscientist to determine the most appropriate analytical scheme of preparation, digestion and analysis to match the needs of their program. Metallurgical & Polymer Tests for physical and chemical properties which prepare in Ahura Behin Azma lab. Environmental tests : The pure and unique specification of water makes it an excellent exploration tool. As water contacts an ore deposit, major changes occur in its chemical composition. This can occur as rain causing weathering on rocks or flowing underground water. These water soluble weathering products and suspended matter can then be compared to background Levels of chemical elements in the water to aid in determining the dispersion pattern. The sensitivity of the ICP-Mass Spectrometers at Our cooperative Labs provides the ultra-low detection limits required to determine background and anomalous levels. The Ahura Behin Azma analytical lab is nearby the IKA international airport in shams abad industrial complex, 30th km of Tehran-Qom highway with 1000m2 area with highly technology equipment’s.

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